My Summer Workplace 2021

The My Summer Workplace program (MSW) is designed to facilitate student learning opportunities outside the academic setting. It is intended that the first-hand experience will provide an opportunity to apply studies to real world situations, under the guidance of a knowledgeable and experienced supervisor. 

MSW enables Council to engage with the next generation of students, who are at the cutting edge of research and practice. Council can capitalise on their fresh wealth of knowledge to encourage new ways of working and to help generate innovative solutions and ideas for work tasks and projects. 

The goals of MSW are founded in Council’s purpose to serve the community well and position the region for the future. 

The overarching goal of MSW is to provide a platform to assist the Sunshine Coast region to develop future talent through gaining access to high-calibre and motivated students. 

Council aims to achieve the following goals: 
• develop a reputable relationship within the academic community as a host company 
• be a professional leader in the community by providing opportunities to develop talent in the region 
• develop a platform to attract, retain and develop the workforce. 

See what our 2021 Interns had to say about their experience: