• We love what we do and who we do it with. We are conscientious, innovative, collaborative and respectful of each other. We strive to positively impact the people in our internal and external community. We support the well-being of our people by fostering work life balance and initiatives that promote a mentally healthy and active lifestyle. By welcoming all and a commitment to equity, we strive for our workforce to represent the diversity in our community.

  • By 2041, our region’s population is expected to grow from the current 320,000 people to beyond 500,000 people, and a growing population means that demand on council services is increasing.

    To meet the current and future needs of our community, Sunshine Coast Council has a clear program in place to ensure we have the right people providing the right services from the right locations.

    The program provides a region-wide approach to managing where our staff, administration buildings, depots and other facilities are located to ensure we continue to deliver service excellence and improve service delivery and efficiency to our community. 

  • Addressing the Sunshine Coast’s public transport needs is a crucial component in securing the future liveability and prosperity of our region. To achieve that goal, council needs a major boost to our public transport network and a solution that encourages people to get out of their cars as their preferred mode of travel. The Sunshine Coast Mass Transit project aims to provide a sleek and modern rapid transit system as the backbone of our region’s future public transport network. Council will continue to build its case for the development of an integrated mass transit system to service the Sunshine Coast’s growing population.

  • The new $4.7 million world class Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve Rainforest Discovery Centre at Maleny features an elevated viewing platform and boardwalk and the Rainforest Education Centre with a combination of traditional interactive displays, multi-sensory experiences and exhibits. There is also a theatrette, a conservation research area, offices and modern amenities.

    Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve is a living museum of plant and animal life. This 55-hectare subtropical rainforest is a remnant of the rainforests that once covered the Blackall Range and delights visitors with its tranquillity and beauty.


We’re committed to protecting and enhancing our region, our communities, our economy, our built environment and our natural assets.  Council is leading a nomination for our region to be recognised by UNESCO as an international site of excellence, known as a biosphere.

A biosphere is a special place where responsible development and people living sustainably sits along-side active conservation. Just like our region.

Becoming a biosphere will give the Sunshine Coast further national and international recognition. Biospheres create niche markets for products, services, facilities and practices. This is significant for the agricultural, forestry, fisheries and tourism sectors. A biosphere will help local businesses grow while attracting more investment to our region. That means more jobs for local people.