Our culture and benefits

We want you to look forward to turning up to work each day. We understand that priorities and demands change as your life stage does. This is why we offer rewards and benefits that span way beyond work itself. No matter where you are in life, there's something to support what you value most. We want to take care of you in both your work and your life.

Our values

Everything council does is underpinned by it values. These values define the culture of our organisation and the behaviours that shape our interaction with the community and each other.

  • Respect for each other in our working relationships
  • Being our best by continuing to learn, grow, challenge and change
  • Working as one team across the organisation and with our community
  • High standards in our conduct, service and governance
  • Service excellence for our customers and each other.

Our wellbeing

At council, we support employees to make positive and sustainable behaviour changes:

  • RDOs - recharge with a 3-day weekend once a fortnight (dependent on agreed working arrangements)
  • Flexible work arrangements to help you manage life things (dependent on agreed working arrangements)
  • Employee Assistance Program - confidential and professional counselling sessions
  • Fitness Passport - get access to over 30 gym and aquatic facilities across the coast for as little as $12.95 per week
  • Corporate Healthcare discounts, flu vaccination program and a program to quit smoking.

Our health and safety

At council, we recognise that everyone has a right to return home safely. Wellbeing, health and safety is fundamental to our culture and values. It is also essential to our success as an organisation in delivering services to our community.

Our people demonstrate a commitment to wellbeing, health and safety. This is shown through their actions every day.

At council, we understand there are personal consequences associated with WHS decision making for individuals, families and friends. We support all employees and other stakeholders to take personal responsibility for their own safety. We do this by empowering all people to make the right decision at the right time. Sound WHS decision making is supported at council through the provision of appropriate knowledge, skills and support. 

Our benefits

Here are some of the benefits you can get out of your job at council:

  • 9-day fortnight - to support your enjoyment of the lifestyle benefits the Sunshine Coast has to offer
  • Salary packaging
  • 17.5% loading when taking annual leave (4 weeks entitlement per year)
  • Development opportunities through corporate learning and development programs
  • Study assistance (up to 5 hours a week and 50% of course paid)
  • Discounted health related memberships
  • Generous superannuation benefits - 12% superannuation in addition to your 6% superannuation contribution.

Our workplaces

With nearly 40 different work locations, we are spoilt for variety when it comes to places that we get to work.

Our main administration offices span across Maroochydore, Caloundra and Nambour. We have depots located cross the region, plus unique venues and worksites. This includes the Sunshine Coast Stadium, Venue 114 and Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve to name a few.

You might have also heard of our new administration building currently under construction at Maroochydore. With this, we are about to embark on an exciting period of change and innovation. We will be transitioning to a contemporary workspace settings founded on the principles of activity based working.

Our sustainability

Here is how sustainability is embedded for our employees:

  • Carpool to work with another colleague and get your own allocated car park right out the front of the workplace building.
  • Ride2work and start your day in comfort with our end of trip facilities.
  • Be a part of the #BYOsunshinecoast campaign to swap out single-use plastic for reusable options.
  • Salary sacrifice options for e-bikes and bus travel.
  • Eco-friendly composting system with Bokashi bins onsite for food scraps.